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Forever Food Festivals Co.

Sustainable & efficient food handling measures are our top priority of execution in the kitchen to prevent cross-contamination and food-borne illness.

Our specialties of culinary creation are in the following lifestyle models. 


These meals are strictly vegan abstaining from all animal by-products and using plant based products. 


Stricking similarities to Vegan diets with some flexibility given to dairy and poultry products such as cheese and eggs.


Vegan and Vegeterian meals with seafood additions.

Specialty foods

  • Baby Food

  • Nursing Food

  • Pet Food

  • Catering

  • Culinary Event Hosts


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Yes, we can ship to you anywhere in the world. Click on your link and visit our store for our products.

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We cater all of your events. 




and more.

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Weddings are our specialty. We will cater your wedding events:

Wedding Reception



Destination Weddings

and more.

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We have an in-house bakery. Our pastry chefs make media-worthy cakes for any occasions, especially Wedding Cakes. 

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These are some of the things that you can expect from us.

Disposable Food Package

We are currently servicing Philadelphia County, Delaware County, and Camden, NJ for daily food orders via major delivery apps and website orders for delivery and pick-up.

Accepting: USA Frozen Meal Orders

Red Kitchen Appliances

We sell high-quality kitchen appliances to keep great meals in your home and enjoy the art of culinary arts.

ServSafe proctor and teacher logo.jpeg

We offer nationally recognized ServSafe courses for legal certification. This resource is available online, in person independently, and in groups. We also have a self-paced learning option. Plus, test scheduling for proctored exams for certification. 


We are a traveling culinary experience that comes into your area as an event to experience culinary elegancy.

Our goals are always to give you an experience worthy of your social media content. 

About Us

#TOURBITES (all you can eat) - Private Culinary Events for you to purchase tickets

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